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Specialized Hydraulic Repair ServiceS

Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding is a complete hydraulic cylinder repair shop with everything under one roof. Our services include: Industrial Hard Chroming, Cylindrical Grinding, Honing, Machining, Welding, Authorized CAT Service Centre for Hose and Fittings, Finning Parts Box Drop Off and Pick Up Location, Pins and Bushings Services and Seal House.

Industrial Hard Chroming - Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding

Industrial Hard Chroming

Yes, we offer in house chroming! Providing in-house chroming not only reduces costs but also minimizes downtime, benefiting our customers.

Cylindrical Grinding - Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding

Cylindrical Grinding

A precision machining process used to restore or improve the dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and overall quality of cylindrical components.

Honing Cylinder - Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding


Honing is essential in cylinder rebuilding, refining the surface texture, erasing machining marks, and establishing the necessary crosshatch pattern for proper lubrication and sealing.

Disassembled Car Engine - Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding


Machining in cylinder rebuilding is essential for precision shaping and repair, meeting dimensional and surface finish requirements to enhance performance and durability.

Gas Cylinder Welding Machine - Nagy Cylinder Rebuilding


Cylinder shops use welding to bond metal components, requiring skilled welders for integrity and performance.