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Hydraulic Cylinder

What is Machining?

Machining is a fundamental process in cylinder rebuilding that involves using various specialized machines, cutting tools and techniques to recondition, re-work or repair cylinders and their components.

Machining plays a crucial role in cylinder rebuilding by ensuring that cylinders are repaired, reconditioned or manufactured to meet precise requirements including dimensional accuracy, surface finish and geometric integrity. It allows for the precise tolerances of cylinders and their components, ultimately contributing to their functionality, performance and longevity.

Machine Shop Equipment

1 – Kingston HD 26160 Lathe

  • Swing In Gap 35”
  • Distance Between Centers 160”

1 – Kingston HD2290 Lathe

  • Swing In Gap 31-3/8”
  • Distance Between Centers 90”

1 – Kingston HJ1700 Lathe

  • Swing in Gap 24”
  • Distance Between Centers 67”

1 – Microcut 26” Lathe / Polisher

  • Swing In Gap 32”
  • Distance Between Centers 360”

1 – Microcut Polisher

  • Swing 18”
  • Distance Between Centers 192”

1 – Cincinnati Milacron Horizontal Mill

  • Working Surface 16-1/4” X 87-3/4”
  • Motor 20HP

1 – Invema Radical Arm Drilling Machine

1 – Purpose Built Hydraulic Cylinder Automated Hone

  • 500” – 24” Bore
  • Stroke 192”

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